Raving Around – Week 51

Roll on weekend!

Krypton Pres. Ion Ludwig, Herodot, Andrei, Noetic, Craiova
For the last part of the decade on Saturday, December 21st Krypton are really stepping up their game. For the occasion, they will be welcoming Ion Ludwig, Herodot as well as resident Andrei and Noetic on visuals.
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Telenovelas presents: Voigtmann, Lamache, Bruno Schmidt, O.BEE, Henry Henry & More, London
Newly minted event series Telenovelas goes right in at the deep end with a sterling line-up and a marathon run time to boot. Taking care of the music from the morning of Sunday, December 22nd will be Bas Ibellini, Bruno Schmidt, Henry Henry, Lamache, O.BEE, and Voigtmann.
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Tell Me About /// Sonja Moonear – Manolo, Lausanne
On Friday, December 20th Sonja Moonear returns to her old stomping ground of Switzerland where she will be headlining Folklor. Support will come from club resident manolo.
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Trouble with Sammy Dee and Olivier Romero, Paris
Get Perlonized resident and head curator will be causing all sorts of Trouble on the dancefloor of Nouveau Casino on Friday, December 20th. The Perlon artist will be supported by Olivier Romero.
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Look Ma, No Hands, Istanbul
Between Friday, December 20th and the evening of Saturday, December 21st Suma Han in Istanbul will be the site of a huge event that across 4 rooms will see sets from Audio Werner, Bärtaub, Cem G, Denis Kaznacheev, Mod.Z, Olga Korol, Onur Özer, Sarp Yilmaz, Stoz, Yagiz, Kıvılcım Güngörün, Sedef Gali, Uğur Çakı and Zeynep Güldoğdu.
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