Raving Around – Week 48

Your weekend starts here.

Sigh X Slow Life, Madrid
An extended session Saturday, November 29th with the combined Slow Life and Sigh crew is the just the ticket. With the event kicking on until midday the next and with an intimate crowd of only 300 people as well as sets from S.Moreira (Live), Laurine, Cecilio, DJ Tree, Donrafael, Mari.te, Rough_Thought, and Moulin this will be very special indeed.
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Sound Bakery #2 – Priku + Simone Adinolfi, Milan
For Sound Bakery’s second installment on Friday, November 29th they welcome none other than Priku. He will be joined by Simone Adinolfi.
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Apollonia present: Planet Claire – Cristi Cons & Traumer, London
Having completed a successful first season of Planet Claire at Ibiza’s Octan French trio Apollonia bring their triple action all night set to E1 London on Friday, November 29th. Meanwhile, in the Black Studio Cristi Cons b2b Traumer and Sentaku AKA Dandeloo, Josh Rawl & Massaï will be taking care of business.
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Rokoko with Raresh, Budapest
Friday, November 29th will see the return of RPR man Raresh to Budapest and he will be linking up with Rokoko at Cinema Hall. The Romanian will be joined by Martin M, Flixon, Vayna and Mera.
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En Saccade: Lisière Collectif, Timisoara
Lisière Collectif will be providing the soundtrack all night long Saturday, November 30th and the prospect is massively enticing considering the trio’s individual and collective repertoire at their disposal.
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