Raving Around – Week 39

Here are your weekend plans:

Riverside, Bucharest
Continuum extends their run of top events with Riverside on Saturday, September 28th and welcomes a fine selection of artists. Providing the grooves at this music meets urban design gathering will be Audio Werner, Topper, caLLy and Vinyl Speed Adjust. A great party in the making I’m sure you will agree.
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Ricardo Villalobos – 25th Opening Party, Milan
What better way to celebrate 25 years in the game than by letting Ricardo Villalobos headline your party. That is exactly what is happening when MAGAZZINI GENERALI and Club Nation join forces on Friday, September 27th. The man himself will be joined by Giuliano Lomonte and Volantis.
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Locked-In with Silverlining, Amsterdam
Wiggle man and all-round UK tech-house legend Silverlining will be joining the Locked-In crew at Amsterdam’s Oosterbar for a night of rolling jams among other delights. The date is Saturday, September 28th and on the support, that night will be Tim Zwerver, Clonico, Sam van der Toure and Artem Khariton.
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Trouble with Priku, Arapu, Grego G, Olivier Romero & AudioKast, Paris
Trouble has an impressive rap sheet when it comes to previous guests and their headline act from February this year will be making a comeback. Much to the delight of their loyal following, that artist is Priku and on Saturday, September 28th he will be joined by Arapu and Olivier Romero.
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Randomnacht, Prague
In recent years Prague has emerged as a bit of a hotspot for minimal and Wildt is a venue that is at the epicenter of this blooming genre. On Friday, September 27th they will be welcoming none other than Sammy Dee, Denis Kaznacheev and Anton Kubikov.
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