Raving Around – Week 14

Follow us as we take you on a journey.

ZODIAK hosts Arapu and Herck, Brussels

Belgium has featured quite heavily in these pages over the last few months and this 2-room party on Saturday, April 6th is a good indicator why. Heading up room 1 is Romanian artist Arapu where he will be supported by Herton and Ciril. Room 2 will play host to rising star Herck with Karla Böhm on support.

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Gulf Stream Night w/ Traumer and Ion Ludwig, Geneva

On Friday, April 5th Gulf Stream Agency couldn’t have set from 2 more in demand artists if they tried. Frenchman Traumer and German Ion Ludwig will be joined by Bautista in the main room while the bar will be held down by DJ Dub.

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HOOVE w/ Nick Beringer and Diego Krause, Cologne

One heck of a party is waiting for you on Friday, April 5th as Diego Krause and Nick Beringer will be playing a special extended b2b set. Also on the line-up is Berg Audio artist Djoko as well as the Hoove pairing of Thalo Santana and Pascal Wagner.

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Paradigm X Suvernuver, Gronigen

With several celebrated minimalist artists gracing the decks at Paradigm in Gronigen in the past this coming edition on Friday, April 5th with Maayan Nidam, Junki Inoue and Gerrit de Boer ticks all the boxes. This purpose-built venue in the woods is to be seen to be believed.

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Bloop Night Out, Porto

This is now Bloop Recordings second night out and who better to soundtrack it than Nicolas Lutz. Joining Lutz for an evening on a new and uncharted dancefloor on Saturday, April 6th will be Magazino, Cruz and Tiago Carvalho.

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