Raving Around – Week 10

Trommel is your guide to another club-centric weekend.

Ricardo Villalobos at Attitude Nocturne x Mdrnty, Lausanne
Two of the best hook-ups in the Swiss minimal clubland this week – Ricardo Villalobos and Modernity Events. There is going to be guaranteed good times on Friday, March 8th and Adolpho & Franky will be setting the tone ahead of Ricardo taking over. The second floor of Le Perchoir will be headed by PETRVS. Please note that Trommel cannot guarantee a good time but we think we all know that it is going to be pretty special.
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Tribe presents Laurine, Barcelona
With International Women’s Day dropping on Friday, March 8th what better time to welcome to RED58 their headline artist Laurine from the hugely influential Slow Life crew. She will also be joined by Deckard and Artes.
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APPLIQUE with Robert Drewek (Rawax, DE), Saint Petersburg
Next up to collect more stamps in their passport this week is one of the hardest working gents in the game – Robert Drewek. Head of DBH Music and Rawax amongst other hot labels, Robert set on Friday, March 8th will be preceded by Mark S and LDR.
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RDZ – 13: Fumiya Tanaka x Damian Schwartz, Porto
Perlon artist Fumiya Tanaka will be heading over to Portugal on Saturday, March 9th to hook up with RDZ Music Agency as well as Damian Schwartz in the booth. The location will be Industria Club, where huge electronic artists regularly frequent its purpose-built dance space.
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Rôti with Federico Molinari and Makcim, Brussels
Rounding out our selection this week will be a finely curated party taking place in Brussels on Friday, March 8th. Joining the High Ends trio of Ashac, Cez & Jonas, Menica, and Tomhas & Taret will be Federico Molinari and Makcim. A highly-recommended party if you are in Belgium.
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