Zurich’s under the tree bring Ferro and Charlie to the Swiss hub

Ferro and Charlie are set to play Switzerland’s under the tree for the collectives seventh outing.

Launching at the back end of 2017, under the tree debuted at the world renowned Supermarket, inviting Jan Krueger, Spokenn, Nick Beringer and more to soundtrack a 33hr marathon.

As well as hosting an acclaimed series of events at Supermarket, resident Romano Corsini has been a regular feature of the Swiss circuit since 2014. Carefully curated lineups make up the collective’s catalogue, over the years inviting the likes of Rossko, Levi Verspeek, Reiss, and more recently [a:rpia:r] associate Praslea, to celebrate one year of under the tree.

Making his return to the city, VBX mainstay Ferro headlines the upcoming bill, alongside one of Romania’s highest regarded selectors in Charlie. After a series of excellent performances at the annual Sunwaves, and long serving staple of the local club scene, Charlie has been on the lips of many respected brands across the globe.

Running from 10pm to 10am in one of Europe’s best sounding clubs, this excellent VBX meets Romania curation is set to be a highlight in many Swiss’ calendars. Bringing out a fresh side to the Dutch resident, Charlie’s rolling minimal encourages the deeper catalogue of Ferro, heard in many of his excellent productions.

Learn more about the Swiss collective here and check out the upcoming showcase with Ferro and Charlie.

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