Vibe are celebrating their 1st birthday with a huge UVAR showcase

It’s actually difficult to believe that London based promoters Vibe have only been about for one year. They host parties with more regularity than others whilst not compromising on the quality of the line-up or forgetting their trusty residents.

But to celebrate their first birthday, they’ve compiled by far their best party yet.

One of the most forward thinking labels in underground music, UVAR, will be hosting a sixteen hour party running from 2pm until 6am on November 10th.

© Photography by Diana Andreea

The line-up contains a first ever in London, an eight hour back-to-back-to-back from label owners Sepp and Nu Zau along with label associate Ada Kaleh. For anyone who’s been lucky enough to witness a back-to-back between Sepp and Nu Zau, you’ll be able to attest just how special their sets are, but the addition of Ada Kaleh turns this one into a can’t miss collection of DJs.

The line-up also contains an array of up-and-comers as well as the excellent Vibe residents. With some warm-up DJs it can feel as though you’re just waiting for the main headliners but residents Yuda and Amih are anything but fillers and know how to get a party started on their own accord. Completing the stacked line-up is Output resident Sebastian Eric and emerging talent Matje.

It’s hard to think of a better place to host Vibe’s first anniversary than Studio 9294. Whilst the crew have never hosted at Studio 9294 before, the intimate and homely feel to the venue makes it a perfect match to family vibe this event is going to create.

If you want to join in the celebrations, you can find more information on Vibe’s Facebook event and buy tickets over at Resident Advisor.