Unleash busy June: label launch and open air rave with Apollonia and Discobar

Unleash goes vinyl.

London-based promoter, with several international appearances and ventures in most European capitals, is launching a vinyl only label, with first EP already scheduled.

Produced by Cesar Merveille and named “Back”, the limited  edition EP will hit stores in early June with only 300 copies available.

To celebrate the special event, a label launch party has been organized for 1st of June in central London, Bedford Square (WC1), with special guest DeWalta to join Cesar Merveille and Unleash guys Daylomar and Koko Bayern.

This is not even the whole story:
on 24th of June, Unleash has invited Apollonia trio (Dyed Soundorom, Shonky and Dan Ghenacia) and Discobar crew represented by Lamache, Robin Ordell and Zendid for an epic open air rave at Else in Berlin. Daylomar and Koko Bayern will complete the lineup.

The aim is to replicate the big success of their previous open air Berliner event, with Apollonia, DeWalta & Mike Shannon, Maayan Nidam among others.

Can’t wait for summer to hit Berlin.

photos: Unleash

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