under the tree cook up a day-to-night special summer event in Zurich

Supermarket in Zurich has been a hotspot for Swiss minimal and reductionist culture for some time and collective under the tree are right at the very heart of this thriving scene. With their home recently undergoing an impressive remodeling in record time, they have a huge all day long opening party lined up on Saturday, July 20th.

With over 20 hours of music planned during this immense sun filled session an equally special selection of artists is required and that is exactly what has been secured. Starting off in the newly refurbished garden on Saturday afternoon the Supermarket sound system will be graced by a fine selection of inform artists including Crihan, Einzelkind, Fabe, Kozo, Nu Zau, Sander Baan, Romano Corsini, ROGI, Ragan, Alex Wild and Pedram.

Later that day will see the action moving indoors where the totally new engineered Supermarket club usher in a new era of clubbing with multiple facets. The fun won’t stop until 10am on Sunday morning. Set times are yet to be announced but this is one party that you will want to be a part of from start to finish.

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