tINI returns with a brand-new record label

News has surfaced regarding a brand-new label from one of the most prolific female artists in underground house and techno. Born from her tINI and the Gang series of parties, Part of the Gang is due to release its first tracks via tINI’s own hands and is slated for October 12th.


Sure, it has been some time since tINI’s last release, but her new EP titled “Human Lung Chair” has offered up an early insight into the direction of the label in the form of the lush tech house work out “The Authentic Blach”.

With a delicious, yet understated synth line wiggling and echoing its way throughout the whole track, a sublime vocal latches on to the track and takes care to tiptoe in and out of the mix while typically dynamic drums keep the track in check.

“The Authentic Blach” will be given the dub treatment from everybody’s favourite dancing artist Mr G, also featuring on the EP will be fellow curly top Steffy Argelich on “Shakesbeer” and “Synthia” featuring soulful vocalist JAW. So, it is clear just from the track list that we can expect legit underground music with more than a touch of funk and soul.

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