the Volks and Signal to throw an open air party in Moscow with Rhadoo and Margaret Dygas on 19th of May

the Volks is often been considered as a synonym of intimate events with quality lineups, not only in Moscow (Gazgolder club, Squat 3/4 and Rabitza) but around the world, with their mark stamped on Club der Visionaere and Closer Kiev just to name a few.

Their lineups are always showing a fair and perfect mix between international starts and local talents, setting up the bar high and showing the world that Russia have its voice growing stronger in the industry.

After their 4 years celebration, and a joint party with Half Baked back in March, the Volks (this time in partnership with Signal) will open its door again by welcoming Rhadoo, Margaret Dygas, dj Masda, Vlada and Andrey Zots on 19th of May 2018 at Artplay, for an open air rave.

Creating such events and involving important artists to keep fostering clubbing and underground culture is not an easy job given today’s government obstructionism in Russia.
It requires passion, effort and dedication, often all of them not well rewarded: when we spoke with Olga Korol some time ago, she explained as “all is based on passion only: at the end of the year, promoters are making nothing. Artists fees as well, are extremely low”

On our side we can only hope that the Volks will keep on doing what the do best, and collect their well-deserved rewards.

Photos credits:
Rhadoo –
Gazgolder 1 – RA
Gazgolder 2 – ArtStation


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