The Terrace Party continues to be one of the best parties around

The Terrace Party, a conjunctive effort between Leeds promoters Set One Twenty and System, has steadily grown in reputation over the past couple of years. Past artists include Seth Troxler, Nicolas Lutz, Janeret B2B Varhat, Ricardo Villalobos B2B Zip, the list goes on.

However, when the party for 6th May was announced, it eclipsed anything done before and honestly eclipsed most line-ups you see at non-festivals. A five hour back-to-back from Ricardo and Raresh, winged by Sonja Moonear and Rich NxT. Ooft.

The premise of these bank holiday parties is simple; take advantage of the brief English sun and listen to great music. As I arrive, the outside part of Mint Warehouse is already rocking. Annie Errez is a DJ who I’ve come to respect a lot during my time in Leeds, I’ve never seen a bad warm-up set from the System resident. As I grab a drink and make my way through the hoards of people, she’s laying down an assortment dubby minimal and house that’s loaded with bass.

Bang on six o’clock and Ricardo and Raresh enter into the mix. The former, somewhat predictably, is decked out in aviators, a bomber jacket with a colourful tee underneath and his now signature fanny pack.

There is something about seeing Ricardo up close and personal that gives off a certain aura. The way he flimsily glides between the decks, exuberating a complete nonchalance about the event whilst still making some superb selections. In back-to-back session, chemistry is key and the chemistry between these two is evident from the start. Little communication aside from the odd laugh or joke, it’s almost as if they know which record the other one is going to play.

Raresh seemed to ditch the Romanian tackle and goes for more generalised minimal cuts, along with some straight up house. As you’d expect, tracks such as Ijzeren Rots received some of the best whoops of the night. However, as dusk settled into the Mint Warehouse terrace,  the new wave tones of Depeche Mode’s ‘Strange Love’ (pain mix) provided one of those feel good moments that remind you why you go to see DJs play.

After five hours Ricardo and Raresh were finishing up and the party was just getting started. System resident Bobby O’Donnell had no interest in cooling down a frenzied crowd, he kept the momentum going before it was time for Sonja Moonear to take over.

The Swiss DJ started off with some dubby cuts and driving hits before bringing the crowd back to what could be regarded as the ‘Sonja sound’. Long mixes, short mixes, crowd cheering, crowd grooving. It’s almost impossible not to be smiling constantly when seeing Sonja and I couldn’t help but feel she deserved to be playing in the sunshine on the terrace earlier. Particular highlights include the forthcoming swinger ‘Shakti Yoni – Unknown Artist (Voynich)’ and V.I.C.A.R.I – Take 2.

The FUSE sound and those associated with it remain undefeated when it comes to after parties and closing out a night. So up steps Rich NxT, playing -as you might have guessed- a whole host of forthcomings and unreleased material. There were a few released tracks scattered in between, such as Billy Dalessandro – Nitrogen Bass.

Talking to people at the event, there was a whole host of people, mainly from Northern UK cities but also some who had made the trip London. The Terrace Party shows no signs of slowing down with their line-ups getting bigger and better each year. At this point, it’s almost becoming a bank holiday ritual.

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