The Sunday Bunch celebrates four years with Thomas Melchior and residents

When The Sunday Bunch started out four years ago, it was probably quite hard for the crew to imagine getting to the point of hosting a festival and celebrating four birthdays.

Yet here they are. Celebrating their four successful years of parties on Sunday, March 17th. Hindsight is of course 20/20 but it’s unsurprising to see why the crew have gotten this far. Guest DJs such as DeWaltaS.A.M. Vincentiulian and Lizz have been booked to play in some of Sofia’s best-kept-secret clubs and venues.

Whilst the headliners will always be the centre of attention, it’s important to note how much TSB’s residents have grown with them. Alexandar Kyosev, SvetAnton Pau, Gentle Dub and co have provided the excellent core of residents that accommodates any successful party in the world of underground music.

On their fourth anniversary, Alexandar Kyosev and Svet will be joined by non-other than Thomas Melchior. The German’s musical CV and status within underground music speak for itself yet even after almost three decades of creating and playing music, the Perlon associated DJ still has strikingly fresh ideas of music and playing records. With a limited capacity of just 200, it’s an incredibly rare chance to see Melchior in an intimate venue.

An extra enticer variable to the celebrations will be the venue not being announced until 24 hours before the party. Considering previous locations as well as the stunning site of Festival In The Nature, it’s incredibly enticing to see what the crew will have up their sleeves.

For more information, you can check out The Sunday Bunch website.

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