The lineup for the biggest SXM Festival night have been revealed

If you haven’t guessed by now that SXM Festival in Saint Maarten is going to be off the scale good then perhaps this little party announcement might change your mind.

Featuring artists from minimal powerhouse Perlon, Amsterdam’s VBX crew, DJ W!ld’s Dailycid Music imprint and The Other Side, the lineup is so hot it might actually scorch the earth.

Taking place at Happy Bay’s Arc Stage on Saturday, March 16th this shindig could perhaps be the party of the week.

Where better to start than right at the very top and that means headlining sets from Ricardo Villalobos and Zip, coming just below is Sonja Moonear, Fumiya Tanaka, Sammy Dee, DJ W!ld, Spokenn (Ferro and Reiss), Digby and finally The Other Side boss Maher Daniel will also perform. There really isn’t much else to say about the music after revealing such names other than the fact that you need this party in your life.

Tickets are still on sale and you can grab yours via this link, also remember to use the code – theothersidexdrums to receive a handy 10% discount.

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