Sunrise turns 18 with rave at Casino Sinaia

It is hard to believe given how fresh and forward-thinking their events are, but Sunrise and its hard-working team reach the landmark age of 18 on Saturday, March 30th and to celebrate they are throwing an almighty party the stunning Casino Sinaia.

With there being so many top-drawer artists to choose from in the Sunrise stable where to begin choosing a line-up of this magnitude. Well, it would seem they have done a perfect job of programming the 11hour plus musical journey. First up is Priku who will be delivering a live set under his Atipic moniker, he will also be joined by Gescu, Prichindel and honorary Romanian femme fatale Sonja Moonear.

There is little doubt that the music will blow you away, but it is clear why Casino Sinaia was chosen to host their auspicious shindig. The visually stunning casino which has stood the test of time since the building was completed back in 1913 acts as a truly unique rave space. With the Sunrise team going to great lengths to design and build the right backdrop for the resident visualist to work their magic on the more than capable hands of Cotè will have some of the most unique venue spaces in minimal music to work with on Saturday, March 30th.

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