Sunrise Events announce a three-day gathering at the Romanian seaside

Lovers of rominimal will definitely know what Sunrise and their stunning events are all about but they may not be up to speed on what Dincolo at La Pescarie is. The latter is a beautiful sun-drenched beach resort that is just over an hour down the coast from the site of Sunwaves and it is comprised of pristine beaches, open-air clubs, lively bars and secluded spots to lounge away the hours while watching the waves roll in.

So, to combine the former with the latter will result in an epic 3-day event that will run 24 hours a day from Friday, May 31st to Sunday, June 2nd and it will include fantastic views, top-notch vibes and of course the electrifying array of minimal stars that Sunrise events have become so well known for. Making the trip to the seaside will be Cap, Dan Andrei, Dubtil, Faster, Gescu, Herodot, Praslea, Prichindel, Rhadoo, SIT, and the ethereal visuals will be supplied by Pareidolia. Just remember to pack your bucket and spade.

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