Stump turn three with a 20-hour marathon across two venues

There is little that bastions of London’s new school minimal scene Stump have not accomplished in their three short years on the scene and in that time they have played host to almost all of the Romanian major players at one point. So, when programming their 3rd birthday event a whole lot of thought had to go into it. They haven’t disappointed.

The fact that alongside Chrissy Hope and Thierry, Stump has none other than caLLy as a resident DJ. That should tell you all you need to know about the serious minimal chops this crew has. The date you need to mark in your diary is 18th and 19th May as this is the date of their 2-day celebrations taking in not one but two venues.

First up is the main event at Hangar – London Fields on Saturday, May 18th which runs from 10pm to 6am on Sunday morning, this is then closely followed by the after party at 24-hour party spot FOLD which begins at 7am and runs until 6pm that night. On the team sheet for this marathon session will be Priku, Herodot, Dubtil, caLLy, vlf, Georgiana Lucaci, Thierry, Chrissy Hope and Pareidolia on visuals. The Stump crew are remaining tight-lipped at this point regarding the lineup for each section of the celebrations, but you can be sure that each of the artists will receive the right platform from which to blow minds and blow minds they will. If that isn’t a way to celebrate a birthday we don’t know what is.

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