RPR Soundsystem to take over fabric’s Room One in December 2018

Few artists have had an impact on a genre as much as the Romanian collective RPR Soundsystem. The first wave of Romanian artists known singularly as Petre Insperescu, Rhadoo and Raresh have paved the way for a huge number of talented artists to step out of their local scenes and take their place on the world circuit. Ever since RPR Soundsystem took a considerable step up from being perhaps known as Ricardo Villalobos’ understudies, individually the 3 artists have become heavyweight artists in their own right.

So, when the [a:rpia:r] collective converges on a line-up it is a shoe in for a night and morning of sublime music and equally special dancefloor moments. That line-up is London’s fabric, the date is Saturday, December 8th and the dancefloor is fabric room 1. In true RPR fashion, the trio of groove specialists will be taking over the whole room from the beginning until the end. With the last time that RPR Soundsystem took over room 1 all night not being almost exactly 12 months to the day, prior to that, it was way back in 2015. This is not a night you want to show up fashionably late for.

Completing the package in room 2 will be an altogether more maximal experience compared to the minimal style of room one. Dasha Rush headlining with her unique strain of ambient meets acid techno, joining her will be her studio and live performance partner AnD. They will be playing separate DJ sets as well as performing live as Attention Deficit Disorder.

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