Real Gang’s Open Air at Benimussa Park with Rossko, caLLy, Christopher Ledger and Samuel Deep

The island of Ibiza has been a pivotal location for many artists and movements within the scene, dating back to the late 80’s where it all started. Through the years there have been many promotions and crews that have found their feet and built their empires off the back of hard graft put in whilst working on the island. In recent years there has been a decline in underground nights, and a rise in the sparklers, magnum bottles and VIP orientated nights – which for many has dampened the wild and organic movement that the island once stood for. This being said, there have been a select few parties that have kept their heads down and strived towards working in a free-spirited and family based way.

The concept ‘Real Gang’ is simple. When looking into the meaning of the two words the crew have chosen to name their movement, there is no other way to describe what they stand for and who they are so simply. ‘Real’ – ‘genuine or non-artificial, and ‘Gang’ – a group of people or a gathering people. This gathering of people started out by putting on private parties in the hills of the island, with no other vision than sharing music and memories with the people they love and connect with. Now 6 parties deep, with showcases at Fabric and 93 Feet East under their belt, they are taking over Benimussa Park on September 18th, a location which they have frequented over the years through their residency at Zoo Project. The boys have had great success in their work at Ibiza Underground too, which has seenthem flourish through a residency that set a serious standard throughout the island – especially in the underground scene. The ‘Day into Night’ party sees the boys put on a showcase, involving Real Gang family members as well as friends they have picked up along the way.

A few months back the crew introduced a new concept called ‘Tomodachi’ which when translated from Japanese means ‘friends’. For this party, Romanian up and comer caLLy came over to the island, playing an extended set that cast a serious spell on those on the dance floor. The Sunrise/Stump affiliated selector will be joining Real Gang again for this open air affair, as well as Real Gang representatives Nicolau & Miller, who will also be throwing some energy around the dance floor at Benimussa, playing as Real Gang Soundsystem.

The Fuse and Slapfunk camp’s have built their success around a similar ethos. The early days of Fuse involved throwing parties on Sunday’s for friends before growing more and more, and to date still have a tight knit collective running the party and record label. The Slapfunk crew also share the same family and free spirited ethos as the Real Gang boys, and the relationship between the two has been solid through the years. It only makes sense for Rossko and Samuel Deep to join the line up at Benimussa to supply some serious vibes as always.

Ibiza Underground residents Kevin Cook and Marrian are the brains behind DK. They have played a monumental part in keeping things underground on the island and their relationship with the RG Crew has been a strong one. Their music has featured on the recently established Real Gang Records X with their track ‘Whales On Fire’ and they have played alongside the boys on many occasions, making them a perfect fit for the bill. Christopher Ledger is another who has become ‘gang affiliated’ and will play alongside the above on September 18th, his mystical vibes a perfect was to round off the bill.

Real Gang is a perfect example of the underdogs putting up a strong fight for what parties should be about, bringing all types of people with like minded positivity together to celebrate life, for a party that displays a show of purity and authenticity in Ibiza – their ‘no bullshit’ ethos being held in high regard as always.


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