Preview: Melliflow & Closer/Kiev Summer Trip 3

The classic joint venture between Berlin based record label Melliflow and Kiev residing art club Closer are preparing for two days of delight; with full of promised groove and stomp. Starting on 4th of August Saturday at at Berlin’s one and only Hoppetosse and continuing at its sister venue Club der Visionaere on 5th, this joint event will be hosting 17 artists in total.

Event will start at on Saturday night at on-water picturesque club Hoppetosse. For this time, there will be also a chill-out area on the terrace of rocking boat which will invite positive vibes through out the party to attendees’ hearts. Also, on Sunday, unprecedented chill-out area will be open on upstairs of Club der Visionaere that is going to be hosting chill-out cultures finest artists.

Alongside label bosses Alexandra and Vera, other members of Melliflow as Spacetravel and And.rea will be joining to cabinet for this delightful event. Hailing from Kiev; Closer residents SE62, Roman K, Vova Klk and Bambu will be also joining the arsenal of artists as well as special guests including London based Art of Dark resident Andrew James Gustav, Sunrise member Dragos Ilici, Italian talent Francesco Del Garda, one of Istanbul’s finest talents Onur Özer and world’s first mobile record shop’s owner duo The Ghost.

On Chill-out space, artists of experimental realms E/tape, London’s Pickle Factory resident Gwenan, tasteful Uruguayan vinyl collector Melina Serser, creator of Experiment Intrinsic events Nathalia and exceptional visual artist Dreamrec will be joining forces to inject peace into souls.

We are looking forward for celebrating good music in Augusts blissful first weekend.


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