Pressure Traxx, Traffic Records and tINI & the gang heat up Robert Johnson’s May

It is always time to rave, especially in the small and intimate Robert Johnson, facing river Main.

The small venue, located in Offenbach am Main, and considered among the best club of whole Europe, just announced the artists that will light up May 2018.

With a circa 100 dancefloor capacity, low prices, relaxed environment and “open-ends”, Robert Johnson is certain a place not to be missed for all the rave-lovers. On top of this, a top-notch sound system by Martin Audio and a small and custom dj booth with rotary mixer and turntables, can only make things better.
It’s absolutely not a casuality, in fact, that all the relevant figures in the industry have at least one date during the year booked at the club.

tINI and the gang is booked for 09th May, and the lineup will see the likes of tINI and Molly. Whether or not they will play b2b is for the attendants to discover, however the couple lately is on fire having recently tested their affinity at Rex Club, and being booked together for Miami Music Week boat party. With their presence already confirmed at Ibiza Underground during summer and an appeareance at Cargese Sound Festival, the promising pair will for sure deliver a Wednesday to remember.

On Friday 11th, Traffic Records will celebrate 5 years with Etienne, Steven Rutter aka B12 (live), Martyne, Bodin & Jacob.

Towards the end of the month, exactly on 25th of May,  Pressure Traxx will bring top producer Thomas Melchior performing live, alongside label-head Einzelkind.

Head to RA for the full program

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