Praslesh and Francesco Del Garda to headline HOME London late May Bank Holiday lineup

Late May and late August Bank Holidays, for most who stays in London, mean HOME London.

The party is well-known to bring a number of Romanian artists, international talents and long line-ups to London, twice per year and usually at Studio 338, a venue characterized by both indoor and outdoors spaces, perfect for a 19-hour spring or summer rave.

In 2017, because of a blaze that partially destroyed the usual venue, the event took place at Old Baths in Hackney, in Birmingham and at Troxy Theatre, always replicating the success of previous years.

This time, HOME is coming back to North Greenwich venue. Praslesh (Raresh B2B Praslea), Francesco Del Garda, Arapu, Sedee, Voigtmann, Junki Inoue, Unai Trotti, E/Tape and Born in 1986 are all on the bill for a massive lineup combining and integrating different sounds.

Thanks to the glass roof, with the early morning sunshine lighting up the venue and creating a magic atmosphere for closing sets, you can always breath strong vibes building up, making one of that event which is really worth to stay until the very last record played.

The party will start in the Garden at 02:00pm and will evolve throughout the day, night and early morning when the Terrace will close.

Full Lineup:
Praslesh (Raresh B2B Praslea)
Francesco Del Garda
Junki Inoue
Unai Trotti
Born in 1986

Garden 14:00-22:00 & 23:00-06:00
Terrace 20:00-07:00
Loft 22:00-05:00

Full info and tickets here

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