Picnic London returns to FOLD for monster party

Having recently celebrated their 7th birthday with a sell-out session at FOLD with Martinez, Digby, Julian Perez and of course the ever-present Andy Luff, the team at long-standing night Picnic London is ready to return to London’s hottest arts venue. For their August event at FOLD Picnic are again opting for night manoeuvre’s over day time operations, not to say they are solely nocturnal animals as their recent day party with Slow Life member Laurine, Hamish & Toby and Andy Luff will attest.

Moving on to their upcoming event on Saturday, August 24th and a monster of a line-up await at FOLD. Taking pride of place at the top of the bill is none other than Thomas Melchior, performing live under his Melchior Productions Ltd alias the Perlon artist has been at the forefront of the minimal and microhouse movement from the very beginning. Joining him in the booth is Melliflow co-founder Vera, the Dutch duo Spokenn, old favourite Christian AB and Picnic London resident and essential cog in the Picnic machine Andy Luff.

As well as the electric atmosphere that has been nurtured at all Picnic parties over the years and of course the stellar music that the residents and trusted guests provide event after event, special mention goes out to the chosen venue for this soiree. Few music venues operate on the level that FOLD does, from the finely tuned sound system to the almost tangible vibe that has been created as a result of careful planning and use of a strict door policy. What is also very refreshing about parties running at FOLD is that you will won’t see a barrage of photos of video’s flooding your timeline after each weekend as this sort of behaviour is not encouraged. If you want to know what it’s like to party at FOLD you will need to get yourself along to the club in person and there is no better opportunity than Picnic on Saturday, August 24th but you will need to be quick as tickets are currently on their final release.

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