Partisan Records announces label showcase at Club der Visionaere this summer

Partisan, founded in 2016 by Anthea, announced a label showcase for end of May, precisely from the afternoon of 29th to the morning of 30th of May 2018.

Taking place in one of the most beloved Berliner spot, gently located on the Spree between Kreuzberg and Treptower Park, it will be one of three dates already fixed, a small residency that will run throughout the summer.

the lineup has been confirmed for the first date only, but we expect the concept to be the same across all the events, with label-head Anthea to invite friends and artists involved in the label productions.

Otis (live)
Tiago Walter

During 2017, the London/Berlin imprint saw the likes of Oshana, Fernando Costantini and Giammarco Orsini releasing their production, all three involved to spin records at least in one of the Partisan dates. Other confirmed acts are from Ish, Kashawar, Lapucci, Manuel Schatz and Otis

We can’t wait to know more about what Partisan is reserving to Berlin for the rest of the summer.


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