New York crew ReSolute takes on Europe

We recently discussed the influx of minimal acts to America for the upcoming Miami Music Week, on the other side of that coin is New York club brand ReSolute who are in the process of bursting out of their local scene to take on some of Europe’s biggest minimal strongholds. Having been one of the deciding factors on bringing minimal music to the block parties of New York, ReSolute are branching out.

First in the diary for the American crew is a visit to Prague on Friday, March 29th to hook up with the constantly impressive Round UP crew. Taking place at the aptly named club Microna a gargantuan line-up awaits, with artists Sonja Moonear, Shonky, Francesco Del Garda, Mari.te, Bruno Curtis, Agustin Alvarez and Eddie Mur all packing dancefloor bombs this is sure to be “one of those” parties where every single raver leaves with a massive smile on their faces.

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Next up on the New Yorkers hit list is their Barcelona collaboration with Watermelon and they have unearthed a rave space so secretive that the address will be revealed only 3 hours prior to the event starting. Don’t be fooled into thinking that this the location will be far-flung into the wilderness as it is mere minutes from one of Barcelona’s many metro stations. Firing up the sound system on Friday, April 5th will be the stunning cast of Dyed Soundorom, DJ Tree, Maksim, O.BEE and Triad. Just make sure you get your tickets before you arrive as no tickets will be sold on the door, only via RA. This is also how you are kept informed of the party address.

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