New York club Output due to close early 2019

There seems to be a bit of a trend right now with clubs announcing that they are due to close for one reason or another, but one reason above all else seems to be the factor in deciding a venues fate. Money. It talks, in fact, it positively shouts from the rooftops. So, with the announcement that Output in New York will be closing after the lights come up on their last party on January 1st 2019, they will be adding their name to a long line of nightclubs that have admitted defeat due to property developers thirst for the green. This may just sound like another nightclub biting the dust, but in a bold move, Output stood for quality in every facet of their operation. From the bookings to the booking policy and of course the quality of experience from being in the club itself as they enforced a strict no photography policy. Which, for anybody looking to fully immerse yourself in the experience they were offering is paramount and quite rare in amongst the glitz of New York clubbing.

As is usually the case with nightclubs, the owners choose an area that is perhaps less than desirable, so they set up shop there so as the normal club related issues from the surrounding area such as noise complaints. That is until the venue becomes a cultural hub, as is the case with Output in New York’s Brooklyn area. That was 2013, since then the area has undergone a rejuvenation and has become home to a more discerning populous and has resulted in rent being driven to a level that is simply unrealistic and not financially viable for an operation the size of Output.

In a heartfelt, but upbeat statement from the Output team it read, “The mounting situation led to one unfortunate yet unavoidable conclusion; for OUTPUT to continue as a viable enterprise, the business model and mode of operation would need to change drastically, in ways that would likely betray the mission on which the brand was founded.” Speaking to regular guest DJ and the first artist to drop needle on to wax in the venues The Panther Room space, Karina had this to say on the closure and what it means to NYC clubbing, “It’s impeccable sound and no camera policy is outstanding example for US”, she continues, “The area has changed over the last 6 years, it’s definitely an end of an era. A place considered by so many the best club in the US is closing its doors.” This is by no means an isolated incident, but hopefully, this closure and many like it will strike a chord somewhere up the chain of command and lead to a place like Output being cherished and have areas set aside in order to protect the city’s cultural and musical identity. Let’s hope that the good work done by the team at Output has not gone in vain and they will be able to set up a similar operation elsewhere. Only time will tell.

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