Mysterious project Girada Unlimited unleash CURE MUSIC 7/x

Few hours ago, Cure Music social media revealed the 7th issue of the Berlin-based imprint, coherent with their Latin American roots.

Written and produced by the not better specified “Girada Unlimited”, the forthcoming 12″ shows two powerful and dancefloor oriented tracks, one each side. Sitting on A, Zapatac, rework of 1988 Velodrome – Capataz. It is very likely most are already familiar with the wierd but captivatin vocals as the track was heavily played by Ricardo Villalobos. It also found its way in the Chilean first solo BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix of September 2018.

On B-side, one of Raresh latest favourite. Trommel is premiering the audio snippet for what seem to be another club oriented rework and modernization of a classic production.

The mystery around the production is contributing to increase the hype. From a better look, the name “Girada Unlimited” is the same as Julian Perez’ latest label, and Cure Music is headed by Momo Trosman and Felipe Valenzuela. It could be more than a possibility that some of them is behind this collaborative project

The record will drop next month via Cure Music, be sure to put your hand on it as it will likely sold out

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