Michael James announces production tutorial channel The Source

Having become one of the most prolific artists in our spectrum of music in recent years Michael James has popped up on a range of top labels such as Constant Sound, Fuse London, Mulen Records, and Rowle. With these labels being widely known for their quality over quantity approach there is little doubt that his production skills aren’t mustard. It is also safe to say that over the years Michael has picked up more than a few tricks of the trade and techniques that make their way into his tracks.

With the current lockdown situation and seismic shift towards our corner of the music world becoming ever more inclusive Michael has decided that we should all be pushing in the same direction and collaborating in order to work smarter and learn from each other. The result of this hard work and thoughtful approach to his studio skills he has created ‘The Source’ and the aim of this Instagram channel is to offer pro production tips, tricks, and techniques to other producers. Michael has produced the first video himself and it centers around drum programming and processing techniques but you can expect future videos to come from a range of other top artists who are at the top of their game.

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