Melchior and Villalobos join forces on Wareika’s “Shamania” EP

As part of a double EP on Berlin label Sleep Is Commercial, Ricardo Villalobos will join forces with Thomas Melchior to provide 2 remixes of Wareika’s track “Shamania”. Where the German trio’s original version tumbles and falls in and out of time, splaying out piano chords and synth lines, Ricardo and Melchior’s first remix strips things back considerably and tighten up the drums to the point where they resemble wound steel being plucked in time to the meandering repeated bassline.

Remix 2 from the pair is more in keeping with the original, the fly away piano’s slip and slide in and out of focus seldom revealing themselves in their entirity, all while the tension of the track is kept just below boiling point. Such is the mastery of these 2 artists, they are able to reduce the track to almost nothing but still keeping the listener interested iand in the groove s a true skill that both of these artists excel in. What is even more impressive is the work load that is becoming apparent for Ricardo and his cohorts, as well as Ricardo being one of the most in demand artists in the world he still finds time to collaborate and produce some of minimal music’s most thought provoking moments. A true mater of his craft.

Completing the EP is a much more straight forward remix from Dunkle Dummies on side B. Compared to the minimal clicks and pop of sides C and D, this remix is much more functional but the fact that there are 3 totally different flips of this outstanding track from Wareika says something about all artists involved and of course the constantly on point Sleep Is Commercial imprint. This fantastic release will be available shortly from all good vinyl stockists.

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