Into The Woods Berlin Open-Air: focus on the power girls behind the decks

The upcoming Berlin installment of Into The Woods on Sunday, August 25th has a decidedly feminine touch to it and the line-up is bursting at the seams with talented female artists. In advance of their open-air and warehouse event Trommel and Into The Woods would like to introduce you to the ladies who will be in control of the decks during the main event and also the warehouse afters…

A trusted member of the illustrious Sunrise roster of artists and co-founder of Melliflow, Alexandra is, of course, a regular at Sunwaves in Romania and rightly so. Her digging skills rival that of all her peers and her groove production is second to none. An eclectic selector and an integral part of the Sunrise events that have paved the way for a generation of similar events. Alexandra is the epicenter of these events and every other that her name appears on.
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Daniela Cast
This Argentinian native who now resides in Berlin via Barcelona can regularly be found spinning in South America as well as closer to home at various clubs in Europe. As well as releasing on the likes of Drumma Records and Get Slow she also throws her very own Cat Hat series of parties where she invites her nearest and dearest artists to spin alongside her while live paintings are created in the background. This will also be the vehicle for her own record label of the same name, so keep your eyes peeled for more information on that.
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Ida Daugaard
Her presence both behind the decks and in front of them is all a part of the authentic music-loving package that Ida presents to the world. Her honest interpretation of her surroundings whenever she plays is what sets her apart from the crowd and with her playing performing at Berlin’s hottest spots her inclusion in this party was a no brainer.
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Katie Drover
Offering a wide appeal through her stunning releases for Pleasure Zone, Carpet and Snares, Subsonic Music and her own Dokutoku Records there is more to just music than this Australian artist. This mathematician turned international touring DJ has more than just 4/4 in her pocket as she flits between Australian and Europe in her quest for the perfect groove.
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Originally hailing from Munich and of Algerian descent, Meriem has, alongside her love for house, techno, and modular gear developed the travel concept show for RTS.FM where she presents a series of world-wide streaming shows. If you see Meriem’s name on a line-up near you make sure you check her out as this will be happening more and more in the coming months.
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One of the leading ladies from the open-air section of this party, as a result of her undeniable skill both in the studio and in the DJ booth Oshana has more than proved herself. Her releases for the likes of Brouqade, Yoyaku, and Partisan has sealed her into a highly-revered class of artist. Based in Berlin this American can usually be found on the road at the world’s top parties so it is little wonder you see her name on this line-up.
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