Houghton confirms huge line-up for 2019 edition

Credit: Jake Davis for Here & Now

It’s been a tense day for Houghton Festival ticket holders and potential attendees. The Norfolk-based festival’s social media sites started filtering out the line-up this morning, posting names every half an hour but much to everyone’s relief, the full line-up has now been released.

As expected, the core of the festival has remained similar year-on-year, with Craig Richards‘ close friends such as Ricardo Villalobos, Jane Fitz, Nicolas Lutz and Binh remaining staples.

However, since day one, Richards has often spoken about Houghton attendees trusting the line-up and buying a ticket before any names are revealed. The previous two years the festival has released names and then tickets, but this year it’s been a two-month wait from buying tickets to seeing any DJs be mentioned by the festival.

That trust seems to have been propelled into the line-up, with refreshing names such as Unai Trotti, S_AS (Adam Shelton and Subb-an), Maayan Nidam, Tristan Da Cunha, Hamish Cole, Toby Nicholas, Fumiya Tanaka and Dyed Soundorom being included. A mixture of up-and-comers and DJs that you don’t get to catch at UK festivals normally.

Some other exciting names on the line-up include Voigtmann, Romanian duo Raresh and Rhadoo, Japanese selector DJ Masda, Antal, Luca Lozano, The Ghost, Margaret Dygas, Vera, Sonja Moonear and Omar.

One notable exclusion does appear to be Perlon figurehead Zip, although Houghton has been known to do second wave announcements closer to the date, so keep an eye out for more names.

The full line-up can be found below.

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