Goosebumps deliver huge three-chapter birthday celebrations

For only turning the ripe old age of 2 years old on Saturday, July 20th London party Goosebumps has covered an impressive amount of ground in that time and doesn’t look like slowing down any time soon. More about their sprawling plans for their celebrations later, but in order to understand where they are headed, we need to understand where they have come from and that means looking at the origins of Goosebumps.

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Having first cut his teeth in the often otherworldly omnisphere of the London underground clubbing network, founder and resident A-Bril explains that he was very keen to move in a more organic direction and to take great care and attention to all aspects of his parties, “Nowadays there are way too many events and a very intense promotion of them, which is making the networks sometimes overwhelmed with posts. Goosebumps since the very beginning had so much support from friends, and it became a word of mouth thing.”

It is clear that the core group that made the initial Goosebumps parties so special is still very much part of the ongoing magic that surrounds these events. Alejandro explains what continues to set his parties aside from other minimal parties, “At Goosebumps we have a very multicultural crowd and everyone is very friendly. So, when you come into one of our events it is like you’re coming home. We have also closely followed only one type [genre] of music, which means the crowd can be sure that the music is always gonna be top and what they wanna hear when they come to Goosebumps.”

This sentiment still echoes from a previous discussion between friends last summer when a new club was being built in Canning Town and when they saw the Funktion One sound system and the quality of the venue that they immediately had visions of throwing a Goosebumps party there. This dream became a reality when the team held their 1st birthday party there with Arapu, Cally, Giuliano Lomonte and Lumieux setting them on the trail they are currently blazing

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One of the unique characteristics of a Goosebumps party is that the venue that they use could change from party to party and in the 2 short years that they have been active the collective has thrown parties in leftfield event spaces such as warehouses, forests, bridges, and boats as well as more established venues such as fabric, Oval Space and have now secured one of London’s top events spaces FOLD for their second birthday party. For this auspicious occasion, Goosebumps has plumped for not one party, not two but three parties to ensure they arrive firmly into their second-year program.

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Alejandro was understandably excited at the prospect of such a 360 approach to this event, “We actually never did a pre-party before, but with it being summer and with the nice weather in London these days I think a lot of people are looking forward to spending day-time outside before going to a party, having a few drinks and getting in the mood before the main party starts.” He continues, “Regarding the after-party, I think this is always one of the best parts of our events. We choose intimate venues with limited capacity and we don’t do promo for it, just wristband only; so we keep the same vibe we were living in our main events, but more relaxation and freedom to continue the musical journey of the main event.”

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Starting off with a free pre-party in the form of an Outdoor Pop Up event which will run from 2pm to 9.30pm on Saturday, July 20th, this will feature a surprise special guest from the main event (Chapter 2) as well as Elia Nafzger, Isam Mellagui and Oliver. Moving on to the 12 hour main event (Chapter 2) at FOLD which will begin at 10pm will feature A-Bril, caLLy Charlie, Giuliano Lomonte and Suciu.

As with all great parties next comes the private after party, this will only have a 200 capacity and will take place at Star Lane Pizza Bar and will run from 10am on Sunday, July 21st through to 10pm that night. As this promises to be just as exciting as the pre-party and the main event itself 2 special but top secret b2b sets have been arranged, although the identity of these guests is top secret it has been confirmed that Timoti will also be performing. Whatever aspect of the Goosebumps party process you look at It is clear that this event is going to be one for the books, make sure you keep an eye out for upcoming parties from this exciting collective coming in the near future.

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