Fumiya Tanaka celebrates 10years of Sundance by playing his first all night long set in UK

Japanese minimal Master Fumiya Tanaka will play his first open-to-close set in UK on Friday 4th of May 2018 at The Pickle Factory in London, for a total of 7-hours or more.

This will also be the opportunity to celebrate the 10 years of his own imprint, Sundance, where some of his productions found their home together with some collaboration with Thomas Melchior, under their duo monkier ToFu Productions, and Fumiyandric, a joint effort with Ricardo Villalobos.

Known to be a perfectionist, and with his style ranging from house to minimal and all in between, Fumiya can be considered one from the old guard.
Counting more than 30 between EP and Album releases under his name, on his own Teorema Records and Sundance, he also put his mark on Perlon, Minibar, Pulie/Noir Records, op.disc, Chaos LTD and even did some promotional release for the sports brand manufacturer Nike.

His extensive records, styles and gear knowledge, combined with his vast experience makes this event one not to be missed.

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