Full artists lineup for tINI and the gang Ibiza season 2018 revealed

The artists that will make this tINI and the gang Ibiza season special throughout 2018 have been officially announced.

In the privacy of the cozy Underground, we will see some familiar faces like Bill Patrick, Birdsmakingmachine (live), Enzo Siragusa, Jessica Diaz, Kevin Cook, Molly, Randall M, Rossko Topper and Vlada, as usual delivering the goods.

Together with them, Andy Kolwes, Daniela La luz, Denis Kaznacheev, Faster, Handmade, ISAbella, Janina, Julzz, Lucas Ferro, Ras Moses, Sidd, Tobi Neumann and Yaya will share the decks with tINI.

Some of them, like ISAbella or Andy Kolwes, have already partied with the gang in different cities and venues, while some others are new entries. Like every year, the minds behind the infamous gang parties tried to bring something new and unexpected on the island.

Worth to note the presence of Dyed Soundorom, for a date to be already circled in red on the calendar.
Also interesting is the presence of Sam Bangura and Robin Ordell for what seems to be an Half Baked delegation invited to join for a date together.

To conclude, few surprises are left for closer to the dates, with a bunch of special guests still to be announced.. the summer is already hot and very promising in the cozy San Rafael venue.

Artwork from ugly studio

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