FOUN strikes again with One Records at RIU on Saturday Off-Week 2018

FOUN appears on Saturday of Off-Week with a groundbreaking proposal: an open air venue next to the river, free entrance and two stages surrounded by nature just 15 minutes from Barcelona center.

The event will be held at the RIU Festival, a solidarity event, on Saturday June 16th from 8:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. in the Parque Lúdico Fluvial del Llobregat and will be coinciding with the stay of many clubbers from all over the world to Catalunya main city. Additionally, a very special guest will be part of the show, to be revealed by FOUN on the same day.

“We like challenges and RIU is one of them because we are represented in their concept and social values of the festival. We appreciate that we are aligned on the same direction and we are sure that people will enjoy something never seen before in OffWeek. ” Edu, Founder and Director.

FOUN welcomes the renowned Birmingham One Records label for such a special occasion. The international and respected Subb-An, Adam Shelton, Voigtmann, Jack Wickham and the residents of FOUN, Artes, EDVEX, Halley who will present their latest releases.

“We know the scene and we know that One Records are references in the British underground sound. We are very happy to welcome their crew in our house, Barcelona “Leandre, Bookings Director.

Worth to mention that RIU Festival is a charity event with provents destined to an association which helps deaf people from Catalunya.


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