Five artists to catch at Australia’s Subsonic Music Festival

With Australia’s excitingly immersive Subsonic Music Festival looming high on the horizon it is time to start thinking about who you should be marking down on your must-see list. With the line-up bulging with some of the world’s finest minimal leaning artists it is hard to pin down just five but we are sure you will not be disappointed with our choices…

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With fabric celebrating 20 years in the game, they will be presenting a heavyweight showcase of artists and where better to start our rundown of unmissable acts than with Mr. Fabric – Craig Richards. His keen ear for a unique and often other wordily track is something Craig Richards developed early on in his career and has only grown stronger with each passing year. His knack for unearthing hidden gems and his unwavering musical knowledge has seen him steer the fabric ship like the ship was built for nobody else.

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Having risen to become one of the most important artists in the new wave of Romanian artists, Cristi Cons both singularly and as part of the crack duo SIT alongside Vlad Caia and ethereal trio Amorf together with Vlad and Mischa Blanos his work could be labeled seminal. Saying this, Cristi still has much to say and he starts with expressing this via his incendiary DJ sets. In his many guises, he is partly responsible for his melody-driven strain of minimal music influencing legions of producers and DJ’s. This is what makes Cristi Cons so undeniably unmissable.

The dextrous Sonja Moonear has since her early days in the Geneva club scene elevated to the upper echelons of electronic music and is consistently called upon to headline festivals, intimate gatherings, and huge behemoth clubs. Either way, this unassuming artist is at home melding a wide cross-section of music with her own productions to devastating effect. This ability to deliver something different has seen her create a style all of her own and this is what sets her apart even when rubbing shoulders with the likes of the rest of the Subsonic Music Festival line-up.

No festival roundup would be complete without including Ricardo Villalobos. His audacious mixing skills, track selection and equally rousing on stage antics capture the crowds’ imagination almost immediately. Don’t let his playful attitude while playing fool you into thinking that he is not the real deal, his on-point performances have the ability to transform even the most mundane of parties into something truly magical and he regularly does. Few artists have the panache and flair to move between 90’s house to Latin folk music while stopping off for some acid. Those that have caught him during his now-legendary morning marathon sets at fabric can attest to the undeniable magical connection that the two entities share with each. That is what Ricardo brings to the table every time and that is just a few of the many different reasons why you should make sure you check him out at Subsonic Music Festival.

The queen of the groove, Margaret Dygas is also part of the elite selection of artists that prove time and time again just how good they really are. What makes Margaret so bloody good is that she is not afraid to change the vibe, dropping soul music or disco in amongst a techy work out might seem unnatural to some, but to this true artist, it is a god-given right to challenge the status quo. With her relationship with Craig Richards, fabric and the rest of the line-up at Subsonic being longstanding her performance in Australia comes as one of the first for several years and with her recent sets alongside Sonja Moonear and at Farringdon cementing her as a firm favorite amongst the more discerning listener. There is little question that Subsonic is in for a real treat, that is a certainty.

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