Festival In The Nature announce their biggest edition yet

Festivals at the start of their lifespan can be a tricky process, but after a few years when the name is out there and people begin to trust the organisers, it reaches a state of appreciation.

Festival In The Nature is for sure reaching that point. The 2018 edition will be the fourth of its kind and as you’d expect, it’s the strongest version yet, taking place from July 19th until July 22nd.

Festivals are all about immersing yourself in a world outside of your day to day life. They allow you to live in a different world for a few days, to forget your worries and focus on having a good time. Festival In The Nature takes place in the heart of beautiful Stara Planina, in a region called Baraluka.

The festival site is completely surrounded by nature that captures the essence of disconnection when you’re at a festival and the musical talent of the line-up coincides well.

The line-up blends big names, underrated artists and a plethora of local talent. FUSE head honcho Enzo Siragusa is on the bill whilst the combination of being surrounded by nature and Barac’s blissful and melodic sound lines up to be an excellent combination. Macro label owner Stefan Goldmann also appears on the bill.

The majority of the line-up, however, is constructed largely from Eastern European talent. Alexandar Kyosev and Svet are two names that are starting to get seriously recognised within the European circuit. One of the most enjoyable of festivals are those DJs and sets that surprise you and help you discover new artists. Festival In The Nature boasts the likes of Stefak, Peppou, Pruskalo, Anton Pau and Gentle Dub who are mostly known in their native Bulgaria but are ones to watch out for.

The full line-up is as follows: Alexandar Kyosev, Anton Pau, Antoni Andonov, Avgustin, Barac, Cinnamint, Dimitri Monev, Enzo Siragusa, Factuaw, Gentle Dub, Hristomir, Kiril Dimchev, Peppou, Pe.tyo, Prŭskalo Ensämble, Stefak, Stefan Goldmann, Svet.

To purchase tickets you can go to Festival In The Nature’s RA event and for more information you can check out the event on Facebook.

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