Fall in Love Festival welcome an all-star Romanian cast to Bucharest

Romania’s annual Fall in Love festival returns this September with a mouth watering cast of artists from the minimal hub.

The annual festival takes place just under one hour outside of Bucharest, bringing the wider cultures of traditional and world music together with the country’s electronic and minimal origins.

Situated in the stunning park Mogosoaia, artists from the larger indie scenes are invited to perform on huge stages, whilst smaller electronic stages host DJs for extended sets. This year, September 2nd-4th welcomes indie legend Paolo Nutini to headline alongside Jessie Ware and the likes of Mura Masa and Years and Years.

Tapping into the electronic spheres, this year the third stage will deliver a decidedly minimal stage curated by Romanian outfit  Them and invites a divine selection of local legends in Cap, Cezar and Charlie. [a:rpia:r] staples Dan Andrei and Rhadoo also feature alongside the deadly Praslesh duo. Veteran Romanian sector Kozo joins Miss I, Priku, SIT, Sublee and Vizan to complete this feast of Romanian club music.

Fall in Love festival offers a unique opportunity to witness a unique combination of leading artists from their fields each performing within the same stunning park grounds. You could be listening to your favourite Paolo Nutini song one moment, and the next immersed in a deep session with Rhadoo and Miss I.

Given the large scale of this event, you can be sure to expect excellent sound systems across the site with pristine levels of detail behind each stage. Careful consideration is always adopted in Romania to create a cosy and welcoming vibe, allowing for moments of rest around the site and encouraging appreciation of the surrounding natural beauty.

With the amount of Romanian artists playing together on home turf, you can be sure to expect many magic moments of synchronicity and spontaneous back to back sets from many of the scene’s leading figures. It’s an opportunity as much for the dancers as it is for the DJs to test out new material, collaborations and experiments on the dance floor they know so well.

The diversity and unique flair embedded in the Romanian culture is on full display at this wholesome and intriguing event, allowing cultures to combine and also encouraging attendees to discover new music and allow the local selectors to shine on home turf.

There is also a selection of lesser known local artists that will be performing across the weekend, creating the opportunity to stumble upon some new music, make new friends and new connections in this cross-scene showcase.

Camping is also available on site, set around a beautiful open lake and a mesmeric forest which is easy to reach from the city of Bucharest.

Tickets start at 185 LEI, which translates to roughly £32.

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