Experiment Intrinsic is heading to France in 2019 for 4 day ambient festival

As you might have guessed by its very name, Experiment Intrinsic is not your average electronic music event. Brought to you by a collective of like-minded individuals who have chosen to delve much deeper into the depths of electronic music than most are willing to go. The end result is carefully curated events where the focus is very much on the quality of sound and the presentation of more avant-garde live performances and uniquely ambient DJ sets.

Leaving the confines of what is deemed a regular club event far behind, Experiment Intrinsic has allowed both the performing artist and attendee’s the absolute freedom to connect with music, their surroundings and each other who share this ethos in a much more spiritual way.

Now, let me get a few things straight at this point, Experiment Intrinsic is in no way a UK version of Burning Man, there is no “shamanic house” masquerading as house or techno, EI events and indeed their whole philosophy is that of being a part of a truly immersive and inclusive audio-visual experience. Due to the intimate nature of these gathering of souls and the lengths that the EI crew go to in their pursuit of the AV nirvana, the margin for profit is so narrow that Experiment Intrinsic could almost be classed as a Non-Profit organisation such is their unwavering passion for this project and what it offers those that are involved.

There is also the fact that the founding member of this truly unique and artistic concept is Nathalia, an artist that has more than paid her dues in London’s well respected underground club scene. The progressive nature of these events is such that those taking part are able to do so in a safe environment that is free from any sort of outside interference, all that is requested is that of an open mind and a need to challenge any pre-conceived ideas about electronic music events.

Taking all this into consideration, Experiment Intrinsic has just revealed plans for perhaps their most remarkable event to date. Taking place at Le Parc de Josephine Baker in Castelnaud-la-Chapelle, France between Thursday, August 1st and Monday, August 5th there will be a whole 4 days’ program of yoga, meditation, workshops and experimental and ambient music performances from a sprawling array of artists including Vlad Caia live, Andrew James Gustav, Francesco Del Garda, Praslea, Nicolas Lutz, Margaret Dygas, Masomenos live and a special performance from esteemed electronic artist Jan Jelenik. In order to create a full 360° experience visual artists Cielofuturo, Coté and Diz_Qo will be bringing the Naturalgoritm designed stage and the surrounding area to life via a dizzying array of projection mapping. 

To ensure that each performance is enjoyed to its fullest, Sova Audio will be providing the pristine sound system and also the platform from which to project the fully immersive and organic atmospherics Kosmos concept. Utilising the transparent sound system to its fullest, Kosmos is a specially formulated project developed by Sova Audio to accurately convey each of the three-dimensional planes – azimuth (horizontal), zenith (vertical), distance (for static sounds) and velocity (for moving sounds). This expert use of ambient spatial sounds intertwines effortlessly with the Experimental Intrinsic ethos and truly enhances the wider event concept and festival experience. With this event having only a 400 capacity this is a great way to get up close and personal with the impossibly skilled artists and music fans alike. All that you need to do in order to secure both your ticket and the event’s success is to arrange your deposit on their website. Simple.

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