London knows how to keep a groovy rhythm and Drums is coming to town to join the party.

The residency will take place every two months starting from this November. For the first party of the series, the Romanian promoter is teaming up with the London crew Into the Woods to take over a secret warehouse.

Several thrilling names were drawn together to form a quality line up, both from yoyaku and Toi Toi booking agencies. Maayan Nidam Oshana, Junki Inoue (fresh of new residency with Cartulis) alongside Daniel Bell, Romanian rising starts Cap and Dubtil as well as Ion Ludwig and Into the Woods residents Tarek Charbonnier and Kolo & Dyze. To make things even better, Priku will be performing a stunning LIVE set under his Atipic monkier.

We are extermely curious to see what plans Drums have for 2019, considering they have a lot more international goodies on their plate until the end of the year. With a debut like this though, we can easily say that we already have a great new contender on the hyperactive London scene.