Amsterdam Dance Event is approaching fast, and promoters are rapidly announcing their events. Almost everybody in the music industry will attend Amsterdam for one of the most sought-after week of the year.

We already covered Drums’ ADE event in details, however it seems the story has now a new chapter.

To close in style the Amsterdam Dance Event, the team behind Drums decided to extend the event to a 24h-party. The closing time has then been moved from 8am to 12, with daylight to brutally invade the huge windows of the warehouse during some minimal roller that will likely characterize the early hours of 22nd of October.

Undercurrent, Amsterdam

Giegling crew will take care of the second room, with Konstantin, DJ Dustin, Edward, SaPa, Vlada, Mbeck and Thomas Melchior all announced to take part. The timetable is yet to be announced, but records will spin from 22:00 of 21st October to 12:00 of the following day.

In the other room, Romanian minimal of Rhadoo, Barac, Priku, Amorf, Dubtil, Cap together with Ion Ludwig, Bruno Curtis and Baltazar will hypnotize the crowd almost round the clock, from 14:00 to 12:00, leaving us impatient to know who will play when, and for how long.

Save your energies and money until the very last day, as this promises to be an interesting one.

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