Club Midi offer up a new 2-day event named Hi Fi Fi /ˈhʌɪfʌɪfʌɪ/ˈ

New for 2018 from Romania’s Midi Club crew comes a 2-day event with a staggering line-up that will leave even the most hardened of ravers dewy-eyed at the prospect of this monster party.

Taking place at Polyvalent Hall (BT Arena) in Cluj-Napoca between Friday, November 16th and the morning of Sunday, November 18th, Hi Fi Fi has 2 distinct stages on each of the 2 days titled Side A and Side B.

On the night of Friday, November 16th Side A will see sets from a predominantly Romanian selection of top artists including K!d Chriss, Cezar, Rhadoo and everybody’s favourite honorary Romanian, Ricardo Villalobos. Over on Side B, an equally impressive, but a decidedly more new school Romanian selection includes Vincentiulian, Andrei Ciubuc, Herodot and Dubtil completes the party for the first day.

As with all Romanian party’s, there are few constraints when it comes to extended partying hours and this concept is continued at Hi Fi Fi with the second night (Saturday, November 17th) starting off where the first night left off. Side A offers similarly on point array of big hitting artists in the shape of Livio, Dan Andrei, Petre Inspirescu and a live set from A Guy Called Gerald. Over on Side B, the new school theme continues to run with sets from Emi, Vlad Caia, Kozo and Cap.

In a perfectly functional and self-contained scene such as Romania, there is rarely any need to import artists from other parts of Europe and Hi Fi Fi will indeed do well to serve as a high-profile showcase of what the Romanian scene has to offer. This may be its approach to partying, its many purpose-built venues, finely tuned sound systems, next level artists or simply the rugged beauty of the country itself. It looks like Hi Fi Fi is going to set a new benchmark in Romania.

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