Club Midi descends on Supermarket for 35hr marathon

Switzerland’s largest city has an undeniable reputation when it comes to underground clubbing spots. Week in week out the intimate basements, covered garage spaces & spacious warehouses that constitute Zurich’s musical landscape are constantly buzzing with the sounds of electronic music. In the ‘little big city’ there seems to every manner of musical preference on offer, enough to satisfy any discerning club enthusiast.

The first weekend of September that buzz will intensify as Zurich institution ‘Supermarket’ and Romania’s own ‘Club Midi’ combine their creative forces to unleash ‘Club Midi Manifesto’ ..a monumental day-and-a-half long party. Club Supermarket has been a staple feature in Zurich’s nightlife since 1998. It’s polished concrete floors having seen house and techno consistently served over the years and put Zurich West on the map. As the event title suggests, the selectors for this lavish sonic escapade will be provided by Romania’s respected establishment Club Midi. The Cluj based club and label has now had its doors open for more than a decade, treating more enlightened club goers to some of the biggest names the underground has on offer, with a particluar affinity for local Romanian icons like Mihigh, Arapu, Barac and the like.

The roster for Supermarkets 35hr rager is equally impressive and will feature the cream of Club Midi-experienced musicians. Split into three stages over the weekend, Romanian talents RQZ (Modeight/ Unic) & Paul K will lead the charge for the first 8 hours. Then Romanian heavy weights Arapu, Mihigh and Priku take charge for what will be a blissful 11hr journey into the morning hours. Finally the after hours vibes will be in the control of a stunning quintet consisting of G76, Sepp, Lizz, Charlie & K.D. Chriss, ready to hypnotise all and sundry with their skilful and refined sets.

Mark your calendars in advance, and we highly suggest you book a few days off for recovery afterwards.

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