Club Guesthouse unveils the line-up for their second invite only party

Club Guesthouse in Bucharest undoubtedly throw some of the best parties in Romania and so when they announce a private party you know it is going to be good. Taking place at the between Saturday, March 23rd and Sunday, March 24th the next instalment in the marquee Romanian club’s Twilight series will see a close-knit ensemble of ravers enjoying sets from some of the scenes major players.

With the party being invite only, in order to join the fun, you need to receive an invite from the Club Guesthouse team to the private Facebook event. Then, and only then you will be able to request your personalised invite to the party. Once on the other side of that process, you will be able to look forward to sets from Dragos Ilici, Vlada, SIT, Edward, Cezar, Arapu, Gescu and Dubtil.

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