Closer prepare their second offsite event at Zenner for August 20th

After their debut party at Zenner, Ukrainian arts ambassador Closer will be returning to the historical venue of Zenner on Saturday, August 20th. Having welcomed Edward, Evan Baggs, Lawrence, Vera and a select of the Closer crew which included their sound engineers, decorative artists and even their very own door girl Inna.

This first event from Closer offered a stark clubbing experience and a valid reminder that the war with Russia is still very much still ravaging their home country. The whole event depicted the disparate differences in Ukraine, the first room was dedicated to before the war (nice) with its stunning visual installations and the other room gave an insight what it is like now during (scary). As you can see by the images of the event the reality of current day Ukraine is harrowing but the reality of their previous scene is more than worth celebrating.

This time around the event might be consolidated into a one room – Saal (largest room), but they have massively expanded in other areas. They have hooked up with Perlon to create ‘Get Closerized’. Again, they will be producing an event worthy of the Closer brand where audio visual installations will be produced and the whole venue will be reimagined in line with the Closer ethos. The most notable of the musical artists that will be performing will be none other Herr Zip. His influence on electronic music is undeniable and his inclusion on this line up is seismic. He will also be joined by Japanese minimal legend and Perlon label mate Fumiya Tanaka.

This of course, wouldn’t be a Closer event without a large population of the artists that make Closer such a treasured brand. Co-founders and Closer residents Timur Basha, Borys, Karine and also German debutant Na Nich who will be performing live as the opener. As always Closer crew will be bringing with them their team of sound engineers and decorative artists who will be transforming the Saal and realising the collective’s dreams. This event, like the last is a charity event where half of the income from the event will be donated to help Ukrainian volunteer organisations to help the war torn country.

Parties start at 10 pm with experimental opening lives and go on till around 10am.

22:00 to 0:00 – 15 €
from 0:00 – 18 €

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