Closer announces its first parties abroad after Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine

Ukraine’s nightclub life ceased to exist as such. Moreover, even some time before the war, foreign artists refused to perform out of fear for their lives. On the first day of the war, the Ukrainian parliament passed a law on militarization, prohibiting all men between the ages of 18 and 65 who are fit to serve in the army from leaving the country. Thus, only women and those men who were in other countries on the day the law was announced managed to get abroad. This is what divided the Kyiv Closer team and all their residents and friends.

During the spring, everyone who was cut off from their homeland slowly moved to Berlin – which was a very logical decision for employees and fans of the electronic scene. Right now, the Kyiv-based club Closer is organising a full-scale event outside its city for the very first time. They have two dates: Saturday, July 30th and Saturday, August 20th and have already announced these will take place at Berlin’s Zenner, an old ballroom housed in an area that dates back 200 years on the bank of the River Spree. Closer have managed to bring part of the residents and the team who stayed in Ukraine and this was made possible thanks to the decree of the Ministry of Culture, where artist are allowed to leave the country for a gig. Though, after they need to return home.

As Closer has announced, all aspects of the event will be completed according to their traditions and how Closer’s guests are accustomed to. They will be rethinking the event space, taking care of room acoustics, reinforcing the sound system, decorations and even their own door staff. This is a charity event and so half of the income goes to volunteer organisations in Ukraine helping those affected by war and half will go to support the artists and Closer itself. Edward, Yone-ko, Vera, Evan Baggs, Lawrence, Zip, Fumiya Tanaka and more are now announced in the first two events in Zenner, Berlin along with Closer residents like Vova Klk, Alex Savage, etc. as well as a number of live-acts from talented Ukrainian performers and dancers.

Parties start at 10 pm with experimental opening lives and go on till around midday.

22:00 to 0:00 – 15 €
from 0:00 – 18 €

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