Citadela Festival in Romania unveil plans for 2019 edition

Having brought some truly exciting electronic artists high up into the breath-taking surroundings of the Deva countryside last year Citadela Festival in conjunction with b/plr returns for another 3-day festival between July 26th and July 28th.

Taking place in the grounds of an awe-inspiring medieval fortress atop a volcano in Deva, Romania, phase one details have just been announced and this year’s line-up will include Praslesh (Raresh & Praslea), Priku, Bruno Curtis, caLLy, Gescu, Lizz, Mihigh, Varhat,, Donna, Georgiana Lucaci, Los Bastoneros, Lowkodi, Motiv, Prepeleac, Robinski, Runy and Tiberiu.

With the festival going on for 3 days non-stop there is much more than just music to keep you entertained for the duration. There will be much more details to be revealed from this exciting gathering so stay tuned to Trommel and we will be delivering you all the information as it is released in the coming weeks.

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