Cezar Lazar returns to Amphia with a new EP ‘Archetypes’

After one lone EP in 2017, Amphia has appeased fans with their next release, with Cezar producing the label’s 15th release with his new EP ‘Archetypes’.

He has produced for Vlad Caia and Cristi Cons on Amphia before, with his ‘The Balancing Act EP’ in 2016, producing fan favourite ‘Grounds And Shields’.

The EP will contain five tracks over two slabs of wax. ‘Equtime’ and ‘Thicken Court’ are classic examples of how great Cezar’s production can be. They’re expertly produced with a range of percussions, teetering on the darker side of minimal with a tough bassline that gives it dancefloor potential. Not one to be dimensional, ‘Wedmar’ has a more spacey and laidback feel to it.

The release date is billed for 9th April on 180 gram vinyl from your regular record store supplies. You can hear two minute previews of each track over at Ourown.

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