Butik Festival in Slovenia set out nature focused boutique festival

Eastern Europe is home to some of the world’s most breath-taking scenery and Slovenian event Butik Festival benefits from this in spades. Taking place between Friday, July 12th and Sunday, July 14th in Slovenia’s Soča Valley, Butik Festival couples raw natural beauty with a refined musical program to provide a more boutique offering as opposed to the larger scale overtly flashy festivals normally found in Europe.

Heading up this unique and intimate gathering is a host of genre-leading artists that have a proven track record in dropping jaws on the biggest of stages. So, with the size of the stages being reduced in order to improve the vibe and atmosphere the prospect of experiencing a performance from these artists in such close quarters is enough of a selling point on its own.

With a distinctly house and techno minimal flavour combined with just the right amount of funk and melody the well-rounded selection of headliners will be Raresh, Priku, Janaret, Cassy, Etapp Kyle, Nur Jaber and Guy J. These world-class artists will also be supported by a full array of local artists Alex Ranerro, Aney F, Brlee, Coeus, Christian Kroupa / Alleged Witches, Dipsas, Eliaz (Live), Evident, Ian F, Pepi Jogarde, Kosheer, Kosta, Limc, Mayell,  MOARE, Mornik, Nevena Jeremic, R.Bade, RSN, Tim Kern, Trulson, Tzena,  Urban Jeram, Vassallo and Vid Vai.

As the festival is as much about nature conservation as it is having a good time be safe in the knowledge that you will be contributing to the safe upkeep of the pristine wooded area at the same time as dancing to some of the best music around. So, pack your bags and get ready for an adventurous 3-day festival experience in the heart of Slovenia.

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