Bruno Pronsato next up on Perlon

American born, Berlin-based artist Bruno Pronsato is poised to deliver the next EP on German taste-making label Perlon and “The Girls Thing” EP is as wonky as you might expect from a Pronsato and Perlon collaboration. The first track on side A, “Sea of Hands” incorporates a heavily swung, almost jazz-like drum arrangement together with a forlorn vocal that is sure to find its way into the record bags of after-hours specialists like Ricardo Villalobos.

“Outro” is even more trippy and features a tidy package of intricately shuffled hi-hats and looping piano notes that almost seem to fall into each other but gather themselves together just in time to stop the track drifting out of control. It isn’t until you flip the record for the full B side and title track “The Girls Thing”, that you find anything remotely resembling a kick drum, but yet again Pronsato retains his air of refrainment that is the signature of much of his productions. Being able to do so much with so little is much harder than it sounds, yet it is something that Bruno and Perlon excel at.

“The Girls Thing” EP, which will be released on October 22nd, will be the Americans first solo release since the summer release of his long player with L.A. Teen – “A Face Wasted On The Theatre” and prior to that his 2017 album “LA Drag” on London label Foom Music. Which this LP being more a foray into electronica and downtempo territory rather than the minimal label he has been given on his upcoming Perlon release. Whatever mood you find Bruno Pronsato in he will be sure to impress and change your perception almost immediately.

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